Dieselfish Youth (DFY)

What is DieselFish Youth (DFY)?

Founded in 2009, Dieselfish Youth (DFY) is a dragon boat team comprised of youth paddlers ages 13 – 18. With a diverse and experienced coaching staff and an open and welcoming team, DFY strives to create an environment that balances competitive excellence with teamwork and having fun.  Some of our fun events include sleep overs, bon-fires, movie nights and trips to amusement parks.

Dragon boat appeals to all skill levels, ranging from novice to competitive. At our level, the novice and recreational level, paddlers benefit from a social outlet, leadership development, team building, and an alternative means of exercise. All that is need is a willingness to try and have fun. However don’t be fooled—we also work hard to stay fit, and have a competitive drive – many of our DFY alumni have gone on to paddle in college and even for Team USA.

Practice Info

We practice at Bair Island Aquatic Center, 1450 Maple St, Redwood City, CA 94063 every Saturday from 11AM to 2PM. During day light savings, we will also practice on Tuesday Evenings from 5:00PM to 8PM.

Practice format consists of a warm up, 90 minutes of water time and then cool-down. For more information, please contact Darren Louie (darrenlouie@hotmail.com)